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Dr. Arno Deuker
Dr.  Arno Deuker
dipl. Ing. agr.
+49 174 3875079


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Scientific Work:


GI    Project "alternative permaculture as biogas substrate"
GI    Project "hydrothermal carbonisation of biomass ashes"
GI    Feasibility study : integration of a pyrolysis reactor in a existing biogas plant
GI    Biogas and botulism scientific fact-sheet
GI    Waste classification


Graduation to Dr. agr. (Eq. PhD) at the University of Gießen

GI    Issue: “Sustainable biogas production in agriculture – potential and limitations"

Scientist at the project:

GI    “Effects of fermentation of organic residues in a biogas digester on productivity and
         sustainability in an animal keeping organic farming system"

        Collaboration in joint projects:
GI    Nanofibres as new carrier for volatile pheromones to control insects by biotechnologie in
        integrated and organic agriculture.

      MsC thesis:

    Research on the propagation of Western Corn Rootworm in Germany 2007 and 2008 in
    collaboration with Prof. Dr. HE Hummel, publication of results

GI    Storage of corn, groundnut and black beans in Paraguay; Estación Experimental Chaco
       Central (GTZ / MAG project) 1995-’96 nine month