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Dr. Arno Deuker
Dr.  Arno Deuker
dipl. Ing. agr.
+49 174 3875079


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Biomass fuel management center

Expert for the renewable energy daughter of a big German energy supplier

GI     Purchase biogas plants: contract design, prices, cropping costs, economic feasibility, harvest
        control, quality management, statistics, market survey

GI     Project alternative permanent crop: coordination of research activities laboratory and field
        trials, field inspections, analysis of results and advise for future activities

GI   Purchase wood power plants: execution of input analysis for supplier assessment,
        establishing waste consignment documents, communication with public authorities,
        trouble shooting

GI   Expertise and support on research and investment projects

Waste management

Head of project at a local profit center of a major waste collecting group in Germany

GI   market survey waste management French departments Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin, Territoire de
       Belfort, Meurthe et Moselle, 

Waste collection: city of Paris

Manager profit center for the French subsidiary of a major German waste collecting group with turnover of 1,1 million ¤ in 2001 and about 12 employees.

GI   control of accounting
GI   tendering of account
GI   client contact
GI   data transfer to head office
GI   personal management
GI   vehicle maintenance (5 glass collection trucks)
GI   assistance to tender work
GI   tour planning (1100 container collected per week)

GI     maintenance and cleaning of 1065 glass containers
GI  exchange of 700 containers within 4 month.

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