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Dr. Arno Deuker
Dr.  Arno Deuker
dipl. Ing. agr.
+49 174 3875079

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GI  Project for professional  education at Peru
temporary representation  of the  project  in Germany
support for EU funding procedures
talks to support fundraising

GI  Team member in the "one world" association and participation in three
        voluntary projects
(four weeks each) of a big German NGO


  • 1998: Construction of a church community and formation center at Rio de Janeiro


  • 1990: electrical installation in a formation centre at Mutura
    1988: help to construct a trade formation centre at Gisenyi
GI  Waste management in France:
        glass container collection city of Paris

Manager profit center of an international waste management company (cv.

GI    Master's thesis at Paraguay:

Storage of corn, groundnut and black beans in Paraguay; Estacion Experimental Chaco Central (
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit / Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia project) 1995-’96 nine month (cv. Scientific  Work)

GI  Management and agricultural stages in Spain

Tropical fruit plantation in Trapiche, province of Malaga, Spain
    4,5 ha of micro irrigated fruit trees 1000 avocados 500 tangerines
      1997: Four month farm management
      1994: six  months
     1992: four weeks